Sunday, 4 August 2013

A new model is born...

I find most of our models are the result of stepping up to a challenge. Simple things can get out of hand like the Funicular Railway to name but one. Sometimes the subject sparks an idea, as in this case. Over the past couple of months the guys over on the Meccano section of the Unofficial Mamod steam forum have been running a competition to build a steam powered model (or one that is capable of being steam powered).

The all pre-war steam saw (maybe not the bolts!)
Modern parts and the last version of the Meccano/Mamod steam engines
Pillar drill drive
I have entered a couple of models so far, pictured above. You can also see short videos of them running HERE. This time I am going to be a bit more imaginative. The subject is 'Fairground Model' So here we go. These models usually require large numbers of similar parts and lots of repetition, building numerous identical sub-assemblies. Luckily, Sue is more than happy to do the repetitive bits and enjoys adding all the detail. And then there are the nuts and bolts. we get through thousands of them! It is a good job we build and dismantle our models. Apart from the space they would take up, the cost of nuts and bolts would be prohibitive - and then there are the washers... doesn't do to start thinking too much.  Modern parts play a big role in our fairground ride model building, these days, along with using combinations of black and zinc bolts. It is the addition of all this detail that takes the time.

How may of those bits have we got, Sue?
Enough of all that talk -  I'm going back to the building! I will post some more progress later.

Do you know what it is yet?



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