Monday, 12 August 2013

Silly cow!

No, not you, the Rabbid!

Rabbid riding a bucking bronco - so does that make it a bull, not a cow?
What the hell is a Rabbid? I hear you cry. Well, it is yet another of Meccano's voyages off into the land of popular culture. As far as I can discover, the franchise is from a video game series - No wonder I had never heard of it! What's more it is a game that is popular in France. There is a lot of stuff on Wikipedia, if you want to know more, but to be honest I could not be bothered to delve any deeper.  

This one is so naff I had to buy one!
When these things first appeared I completely ignored them, as I suspect most of you did. The other day, My mate Tony (Brown) mentioned a Rabbid I had never seen before. This one was not to be found on the Meccano (UK) website or in any of the usual UK outlets. Tony gave me the link to an Amazon listing and I followed it through. Today the postman arrived, parcel in hand. Inside was the afore mentioned 'Silly Cow'. The box is notated in French so I am assuming that this model is not on general release here in the UK - yet.

All in French
The model, is a bit of fun even if it is eye-waveringly expensive for what it is. It made up easily and if you turn the handle at anything over a snail's pace it ejects the Rabbid. The Rabbid is dressed in what looks like a Sheriff's outfit as it has a gold coloured star on the waistcoat - don't ask me why but I am sure somebody knows what it is all about. Okay, it may not be the way us old duffers would of liked Meccano to go but they have and it made us smile, which can only be a good thing...


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