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I am in the process of collecting information on this construction toy and will publish the findings shortly but for now meet our latest pet...

Just a start - a BillOfix dog!

Lots more information soon...

If you know anything about this product please leave a comment of contact us through the main website at:



  1. Hi Ralph

    Did you know that BILOFix was made by LEGO?

    If you wish I can find some information for you

    Kind regards
    Jan / Denmark

    1. Hi Jan,

      Good to hear from you! Yes we did know that it was made by Lego before the plastic brick in the 1950s.

      I am in the process of adding to our BILOFix page, so keep checking back over the next few weeks.


  2. I had this in the early 60's however as a 3-4 year old my skills were limited to making swords. Sadly they were not robust and used to snap. We called them the "Nuts and Bolts set"

  3. Hi - nice page. Glad to see there's someone else out there who knows about this stuff. I was also suprised how little there is on the internet about a toy which consumed so many hours of my childhood.

    I have TONS of this in large wooden Bilofix boxes, and it has been wonderful to see my own kids spending time with it.

  4. We have just been sorting out the shed and found most of a Hansetec construction set! I remember how much fun our 3 children had with it - much better than the other sets around. A sham e nobody makes this stuff anymore.

  5. Indeed - loved this stuff as a kid, before I graduated onto Meccano. I remember the wood as having a distinctive smell.

  6. I have some Bilofix which I loved as a kid. I still use it on school to demonstrate sstructures and mechanisms such as levers and linkages. I have also made a couple of non official parts "in the style" eg bell cranks. The kids laugh that it was my favorite toy until they start using it - then they can't put It down. Lovely tactile pleasure!