Monday, 18 March 2013

Now you too can be a Geek!

It has been around for a while now, but recently the people at VirtualMec (the virtual Meccano building software) have introduced a whole range of the new parts to their inventory, making it far more appealing to me and other less 'traditional' builders who, like me, embrace the modern parts.

Not only is it useful for designing models and mechanisms, before you physically start building, it is really handy for illustrating a point in an e-mail, blog or forum post. I have only been a VirtualMec user for a few days and a couple of hours of working through the tutorial and most of the basics can be understood... 10 minutes if you are under 20 years of age.

You can, of course, realise all those dreams of building models with parts you don't actually own (yet!) In fact, you don't have to own any Meccano you can just build in cyberspace and become a Meccano Geek instead!

Gear wheel replacement for part No.168
My first real usage was only a few hours after buying the software. I was asked how to gear-drive a Meccano ball thrust race (Part 168). The answer is to replace the sprocket plate with a 3½ inch gear wheel. In the past I would have gone off and found the parts, set up a quick photograph and tried to show the assembly - not that easy. Because VirtualMec has no 'weight' the assembly will just hang in space at any orientation making what is being illustrated crystal clear.

You can play with VirtuMec for free using the Demo programme and there are then three levels of licence limited by part-count. For more information visit the VirtuMec website HERE 

I have only just started plying with VirtuMec, so far the learning experience has been almost painless. There is a bit of a way to go yet but I will keep you posted on progress.


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