Monday, 20 March 2017

The Last Post

Bye bye!
After more than fifty-five years of Meccano building (in my case), Sue and I are hanging up our spanners. We have been reducing our commitment to clubs and societies over the past year as we are moving house for the first time in nearly forty years. We have found of late that our interest has waned and, for no reason I can put my finger on, the enthusiasm has left both of us.

I will leave this blog live but this will be the last post I will be adding to it.

Our vast collection of parts will be sold off through our internet shop over the coming months -  If you would like to keep up with what we are listing, please subscribe to our mailing list. You can opt in or out as often as you wish so you are not committing to anything and you do not have to register with the site until you actually want to buy anything. The shop is a secure site and you can pay by whatever means you prefer. We do not charge any extra for PayPal of credit card payments and if your goods are shipped to a UK address you will only pay a maximum of £3.00 shipping however much you buy!

Subscribe to the mailing list HERE to be the first to see new items as they are listed.

Once the stock has gone, that will be it. We are not setting ourselves up as dealers and we are no longer in the market to buy any more Meccano. We will still be around and happy to answer any Meccano related questions you might have.



  1. Sorry to hear that we will miss You

  2. I will miss you and your column. It was the best way of getting info in NZ about Meccano.
    May your lives continue

    Graeme from CMC (NZ)