SkegEx 15 Live!

Sunday 5th July 2015 - The final day - Not LIVE!

The big event of the day on Sunday is the presentation of the Issigonis Shield and four runners up. Here is one of Tim's Videos he shot for our LMC YouTube channel.

Thinking Sunday would be a quiet day, I had decided that I would sit down and make a conscious effort to blog from the hall, as I had tried to do all week. No such luck. As soon as the doors had opened I was inundated with requests to demonstrate Frank, our friendly Meccanoid.  I was demonstrating Frank every hour on the hour between discussing the new range of 'classic' Meccano.

Our plan to post live video from the venue was thwarted by a combination of slow broadband connection and the time it takes for YouTube to upload edits. We thought we would do it that way to avoid having to take our own editing software with us, having not used YouTube remotely before we had no idea it takes so long. Hours to upload a few minutes footage. We gave up in the end. Tim Managed to film the talk after the official dinner in the Vine Hotel on Friday night but due to the connection issues we were having and lack of time we decided to leave that until we got back home.

Here are highlights of my talk about where Meccano is now and what to expect in the future.

Lots more to see... 

By now, as I predicted at the start, there are several good collections of photographs and videos out there which is why we had never intended to show you vast numbers of models ourselves. Instead I promised to add links to interesting collections.

Malcolm Hanson has in the past been one of the early posters and this year he was no slouch posting fairly early on. His pictures can be found on the NZ Meccano website HERE.
Malcolm has also posted Video on his YouTube channel. A collection of moving models can be found HERE.  A video dedicated to one of the most unusual models to be displayed at SkegEx, Richard Smith’s Issigonis Shield winner - a skeleton riding a tricycle! Yes, I am not kidding click HERE.           

North Midlands Meccano Guild (NMMG) have also uploaded a selection of pictures from Sunday at the show HERE.

There are plenty more out there so just search 'SkegEx 15' or Skegness Meccano 2015' and you should find others.

Well, that's it for another year. I am not sure we will attempt any live coverage next year and just content ourselves with daily post on the blog. That is a while off yet and a lot can change in a year.

Ralph, Sue and Tim. 




Saturday 5th July 2015 - 6:00 PM

So much for reporting live from the show! I had no idea just how busy we were going to be, 'Frank', The Meccanoid G15 KS, has been so popular that he has not stopped soaking up all the attention he is getting from everyone young and old!

Another photo shoot - Big kids love him too! (Photo: Roelf Valkema)
We have been so busy, not only with 'Frank', but the new range of classic models is creating a buzz too. The new packaging is going down well and when seen all together like is is in pride of place at the head of the hall it is impressive. We can honestly say the we have not heard a bad word regarding the new range all weekend - That is a first!

It should be quieter tomorrow. I may even get to do what I had intended to do in the first place and blog from the hall... We will see!


 Friday 3rd July 2015 - 6:30 PM

Today has been full on. The interest in the new Meccano has been much greater than I imagined. I had not had a chance to blog from the hall even though I had a good internet connection from first thing this morning. Meccanoid has created a lot of interest on his own, Turns out he is a real celebrity already and appears to have his own fan base. Without fail the ladies want to know if he can do the vacuuming, while the blokes want to know if he can make tea... strange that. First thing it was looking as if we were going to be in for an easy day.. We weren't!

A few of the exhibits that fill part of the hall this year, just before it got busy
So here are some dealer shots - I know you all like these, so rather than show them all in one go I will show you some each day.  The activity on the stage, where the dealers set up, is frantic as the amassed buyers search for the bargain that made it worth coming.

Mike Rhoades' bargain trays are ever popular
What a lot of bits! Taylor's wonderland
 Finally today I couldn't resist a picture of Pete Wood's Lambo engine compartment The whole project is a work of art - Meccano taken to the next stage... I might even show you the rest of the car tomorrow.

Is that a bit of an oil leak? I told Pete Meccano is full of holes
 I will try again tomorrow to get something live from the venue. But tonight we are off to The Vine for the formal meal... Guess who is doing the talking...



Thursday 2nd July 2015 - 11:30 PM

Early night tonight, Back in the B&B before the club shut, that's a first! Earlier this evening we went for something to eat at a restaurant on the sea front, two floors up, it was chicken with bacon, cheesy sauce and chips with a dash of salad to make a nod to healthy eating. I took the advantage of the height getting this shot of the Skegness fun fair. Sorry about the refection, the picture was taken through the window

Skegness - Love it!
Tomorrow is when the real action starts and the show begins. I am really looking forward to the buzz and by hook or crook I will be posting from the show during the day. For now, I did say that we would post links to other places where pictures of the models can be seen and here is the first one. A splendid gallery from Malcolm Hanson. You can see Malcolm's fine pictures on his NZ Meccano gallery HERE.



Thursday 2nd July 2015 - 6:00 PM

It's done. Tables set up, models displayed add dealers not dealing... until tomorrow. So shy are the dealers that they were covering their stock as we tried to snatch a shot! Look at the smile on Mike Rhoades face, thinking of all the Meccano he expects to sell us tomorrow. It was so hot today that the perspiration must have shrunk poor old Mike's trousers. Never mind mate, we'll have a whip-round tomorrow to get you a new pair!

Go on Mike, show us your stock...
The real fun starts when the show opens tomorrow. but for now here is a funny little model that caught my eye...

BBC 2's two!
Set up is done our guests from France arrived at the very last minute being victims of the port protests and industrial action on the other side of the channel - I can't wait to see what they have bought with them this year. Time for the Thursday night Clock Tower meet. Will it be Chinese, Indian, Italian or just plain Fish and Chips?  I'll tell you later.



Thursday 2nd July 2015 - 7:00 AM

Up with the lark, and out to see what has changed. Well, not a lot is the answer to that. The whole place is looking a bit more dilapidated in places and I must have been out before the cleaners today as there was a fair bit of litter around. I am sure by now that has all gone. One thing about Skegness is, it might be a bit tatty around the edges, but it is well looked after - they even sweep the beach!
Is that the latest Meccano creation on top of the Embassy?
If you look at the picture of the Embassy, in last night's post, you will see what looks like a braced girder spanning the picture above the theatre building. Could that be the latest attempt at winning the Issigonis Shield? No, sadly not. It is apparently something to do with the SO festival that is going on, here in the town, this week. There was talk in the club last night of dancing on the roof... Don't ask me what it is all about, I haven't a clue, but I will report back if I do get any more information.

Could this have something to do with the appendage to the Embassy?
That's it for now, time for a shower before breakfast and back to the Embassy for set up - I will return!


Wednesday 1st July 2015 - midnight 

What a day! As usual nothing goes to plan and we left much later than I had intended. This resulted in us getting here much later than I had expected. My plan had been to visit the Chinese all-you-can-eat restaurant. Guess what? Not only was it closed but it is being turned into a 'Grill'. Not happy!

Resigned to the fact that supper was going to be crisps and caramel wafers, we decided to visit the venue and see if the publicity machine was working - it was!

They know we are coming!
After a quick stop at the B&B to unload, we decided to grace the New Park Club with our presence and sink a couple or three pints. I was ready for that. The locals here are so friendly, They welcomed us with open arms and a very pleasant couple of hours was had. Having stayed in some really rough B&Bs, Sue decided to make things a bit better a few years ago and  found Sunny Side B&B where we have stayed ever since - It is about as close as you can get to The New Park Club!

Just the other side of the road!
Just to emphasises how badly this day is going, a big van is right in the way of me getting a good picture, but you get the idea, the New Park Club is opposite the B&B - Thanks Sue!

More news tomorrow!



Wednesday 1st July 2015 - 09:30 PM - We made it!


We have just got here, later than expected... Long story! Just thought I would check in and make sure everything is working before we go and have a pint across the road in the New Park Club. I will report in again later..



Again this year we will be reporting on the events as they unfold, before, during and immediately after the event. We will be reporting on all the behind the scenes stuff as well as the main event. The cameras will be out and our reporters will be looking for the amusing pictures and the headline grabbing stories. Our roving paparazzi reporter 'Grubscrew' is making the journey from North East London, aluminium ladder and camera in hand so be on your guard!

Coverage will start from the evening of
Wednesday 1st July 2015 

The show will be open to the public from
Friday 3rd July - Sunday 5th July

Hopefully, this year we will be joined by the Meccanoid G15 KS
(We will probably call him Frank!)
This is always assuming we can keep him out of trouble until then!

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Coverage starts on the 1st July 2015 - See you then!

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