Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Social Meccano!

If you are reading this, then you are at least in touch with the internet. As you may have gathered Sue and I are fairly active on various forums and lists as well as publishing stuff on our own blogs and websites. Until recently we have stayed away from the social networking sites. To be honest it was a fear of the unknown. As it turned out an unfounded fear. Let's look at Facebook.

Click on any of the screen-shots to go to the Facebook page!

Meccano France
There are several (lots more than I thought!) Meccano-people with Facebook exposure so you will not be a lone face. It didn't take me long to find the Meccano France's Facebook page. And yes they are a friendly bunch - they were even polite about my attempt at posting in French! Don't worry about the language thing, they post in English as well as French and if it is in French, there is always a translation available! 

Meccano New Zealand
From there I found Meccano's official New Zealand Facebook site. There too the natives are friendly. I have posted several items there and they even featured this bolg! 

Big Keith's page
As well as the Official Meccano presence there are also enthusiast sites like Big Keith's page. Full of interesting stuff and worth a look.

Sobrassmeccano's page
One of the newest pages to appear, in the last week or so, is that of Sobrassmeccano. Here is a small manufacturer of quality brass items for Meccano builders and other hobbies. There is a standard range and they will take on bespoke commissions. They also have a website HERE.    

Now I wonder who that is...
And you can also find us on Facebook Click on any of the screenshots to go to the various pages and say hello - we won't bite! 

If you have never tried facebook, don't let all the the non believers put you off it is full of good stuff if you embrace it for what it is. If the privacy thing worries you just don't fill in any details in your profile it is entirely up to you who sees what. There is also another reason for getting to know how social media works. here I have only been talking about Facebook but there are lots of other places to go and look or chat and very soon there will be a new place to go when Meccano launch their new Meccano Community social networking site which is due to go live any time soon....

...I will tell you more about that as soon as I know.


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