Saturday, 1 March 2014

Not so bright...

Years ago, my dad would say "Nothing lasts!" whenever anything went wrong or stopped working, for whatever reason. The other day I found myself saying the very same thing when I turned on one or our continuous lamps we use for some of our photography.  Nothing. Not a spark of light emerged from the bulb "Nothing lasts!" I muttered to myself.

"Nothing lasts"
It was at this point that I realised I was sounding just like may dad! Sadly no longer with us, he would have been laughing his head off right now, as every time he said that we told him it was because he was getting old! Sue informed me we have had those lights for some time and it was not unreasonable to have to replace the bulbs from time to time. Before she had a chance to rub it in any further I got onto the suppliers and ordered a new pair of bulbs. The remaining original bulb was set to one side as an emergency spare.  The new bulbs arrived today and normal service will be resumed...

Hello! - Where did that come from... ?
 ... looks like it is just in time to catch the early stages of the latest project. Do you know what it is yet?