Thursday, 27 March 2014

I do Like a digger!

Ready to go
If the truth be known, I am really a crane nut but Sue is not that keen. No wonder We don't often build cranes these days! If I can't have a crane then how about a digger?

Going up!
While Sue was off doing Route 66 with her Chopper Bike I was building the other new Evolution set, the Mini Digger.  I will not hide the fact that I like this one. I first saw it at the London Toy Fair and got to handle and photograph it. This little set features the new digger bucket that will also be included in the 'Rubber Duck' set, due later this year.  Included in this set is one of the new tri-axle worms and a couple of the geared mini strips. 

Looking the part and ready to work

The build

Very easy, straightforward build nothing much to say other than the screwed rods inside the simulated 'hydraulic rams' have to be tightened with some force to make the whole thing solid.  The mechanism works well once the slack has been 'wound' out; an extra washer on the worm shaft will take up some of this slack. 

The neat worm drive
Over all a very pleasing model and the smallest of the range so far. Like Sue is doing with here Chopper Bike I am off to build the alternative model...


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