Sunday, 28 June 2015

The last Evolution...

Ralph has already looked at the orange 4 x 4 Off-roader HERE. That set has now been re-boxed so the only thing add here is a picture of the up-to-date packaging.
The new box for the Canyon Crawler
In a quirk of branding, a remote control car was also released under the Evolution banner. This has also been re boxed and will be reissued in the new style packaging. Again the two sets are identical. All the radio control sets that have gone before, with maybe the exception of the Rabbids Police Car,  have been fairly complicated to build. In the past the body has been formed by bending and forcing flexible plates into all sorts of extreme positions. None of that with this set.

New and old boxes for the same model
The buggy style car is simple and minimalist  making it fairly easy to assemble once it is realised that the art is to lightly tighten all the bolts until it is time to assemble the 'body' with the chassis. Once the two are fixed together all the other joints in the body can be tightened.

Easy and quick to build - Tick!
There were no problems with the instructions other than the rear spoiler in the kit is supplied and listed in the parts list finished in zinc. The box art shows the spoiler in red. This means the sticker supplied to decorate it allows zinc finish to show through where it should be red. The other niggle is the sticker itself is not cut correctly meaning that the bolt holes used  to secure it to the car are partially obscured. The result of this is that the spoiler has to be removed before the sticker can be applied and the holes cleared to allow the bolts to be refitted.

The spoiler blade should have been red!
That aside this is a super little toy, intended for the kids, that can be built with a minimum of fuss. I am sure a lot of the older cars just never got built. I feel sure that most of these will. This is not a set that has any appeal to us builders. There are few parts of any great use that cannot be acquired from other sets more cheaply. Personally, although not of great parts value, this is perfect for the toy market. Any reasonably competent youngster would be able to build this car and there is nothing critical about the build, nothing to foul the wheels if the build is not just right and nothing that looks wrong if it is not perfectly aligned.


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