Tuesday, 9 June 2015

More simple models...

Last year we made several small models from one of the new sets. At the shows we attended, and the events the club attended taking the kits with them,  the kids loved them and the fact that they can be made quickly and easily gives that initial sense of achievement that spurs most kids to have a go at something bigger. 

This year we have used the Evolution 4x4 set as a basis and come up with some more very simple models. First there is a biplane that uses just two nuts and bolts!

Two bolts, one aeroplane
Then there is the bug, designed to scare your little sister. This used the mechanical parts for their visual effect rather than their intended use, something Meccano have done since the very beginning.

Does it bite?
Any form of humanoid is also popular. Lego have capitalised on this fact with their miniature figures that you see all over the place and not only associated with the product. Our Skier has rather different connotations for me. It reminds me of the skier in the pre-war X-Series manual.  The model on the right was built by Tony Brown and I have spent the past couple of years teasing him about the look of those models with all those holes! Still, at least our models is not ugly! I suppose Tony can now get his own back as the modern parts have the same ¼ inch hole spacing as the the X-Series parts.

The modern wobbly skier - a slimmed down version
As last year we will probably build a few more models from this set as the year goes on. It is possible to build all three of these models from one set and still have plenty left over for a few more!

All three models were built from parts included in the Evolution 4x4 set, pictured below.


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