Saturday, 31 August 2013

James May Motorbike at Henley Gathering

The bike surfaced a few days ago when a piece of video appeared on YouTube showing it being driven on the world famous Isle of Man TT racing cuircut. It was built by Toy Stories and Man Lab’s project manager, inventor and engineer Simeon Oakley (Simmy) over a nine week period.

Today, It visited the Henley Gathering and I managed to get a few pictures. The bright sunlight and shadows did not provide ideal conditions for taking photographs but I gave it a go.

Click on the pictures to enlarge!

A crowd of Meccano nuts jostle for a good look at the huge machine
Even the main drive chain is made from Meccano parts
How's that for a wheel!
The frame is connected to the front forks by stacked  trunnions
The model is beautifully built and a credit to its builder. As I understand it, the parts were supplied by Meccano free of charge but they want the finished thing returned to them so they can use it as an exhibit, just where it will be displayed I don't know.


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