Friday, 9 August 2013

King Ghidorah lives!

If you have been watching Meccano on eBay recently you may of seen listings for the much sought after King Ghidorah set. This set was never officially available here in the UK and models that were imported were costly to start with and became even more expensive due to the shipping costs. I am not sure how genuine the listings on eBay are and there is a fair bit of 'chat' going on as to the validity of the listing. Another interesting twist to the story is the photographs of the finished model are 'borrowed' from the 'net. The model was and displayed at various shows by Reg Hall. Sue and I purchased most of Reg's Meccano collection a few years ago, including King Ghidorah. So now that very model is used for collecting dust, sitting on the top of the bookcase in our office here at LaughtonTowers. The other day while taking some photographs of some other stuff I decided that it was about time I took a shot of him, and here he is.

King Ghidorah (complete with genuine dust)

I was asked if I could show him moving. Now that means video and I have more experience of washing up (and that's not a lot!) than I have of the art of moving pictures. I must investigate the art of making videos in the future but for now it remains a complete anathema to me. I may come to like it in time, but for now I am much more comfortable with 'stills' I has taken me about five years to accept digital photography, ad that was years after everybody else!

Anyway, I was looking at Sue's little compact camera the other day, and call me slow, but I suddenly realised it is capable of HD video. Today I decided to give it a go and here is my first attempt at a video using it. It is unedited and very crude being straight off the camera but at least you can see that the model does actually work.

I will have a play with Sue's little camera and find some editing software and see where we can go from there. You never know I might even post some more videos on the blog one day, if I can get them to look a bit more presentable.


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