Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Now look, he's got me at it!

The other day Ralph, and our mate Tony, seem to have gone off the rails a bit. I 'heard' (Reading his e-mails - but don't tell him) them taking about a new Rabbids set that did not seem to be available here in the UK. Up until now we just dismissed these sets as kids stuff, without taking a second look. The set in question is the Bucking Bronco, see: Silly Cow! I know most of you think we are mad, but stay with me here. Looking at the Amazon website, I discovered that they were selling off a lot of the Rabbids at very reduced prices. On revealing this to his nibs, he took one look and suggested the washing machine and shopping trolley might be of interest to me. Typical! So just to prove him right I ordered them and a catapult thing to keep him quiet...


A real honour

I have to say that I am chuffed that Meccano have taken up one of my ideas and produced a kit, obviously based on my model. I am so pleased they read our blog, I am just awaiting the nice big royalty cheque...

My original trolley

I built my trolley as a SELMEC Secretary's challenge model. Ralph was going to build something boring so I decided to build something different the full story can be found HERE.

More Rabbids

Today the postie arrived with my box from Amazon. Three more boxes of Rabbids have landed at Laughton Towers. I gave The catapult thingy to Ralph and told him to go and make it up while I have a go at the trolley. There is is a lot of narrow strips, including a couple of the 3-hole ½ inch strips (¼ inch spacing) in this kit and a good number of brackets, plus four miniature tyres and a bag full of nuts and bolts. Not bad for the eight quid (ish) it cost me. I decided to make it up, and it went together reasonably easily if a bit fiddly. That aside it suffers from Meccano's habbit of pushing the hole tolerance to the limit and some of the parts will only fit with the nuts set at a particular orientation on the bolt. My set had a couple of pivot bolts missing, which for us is no big thing but for little Johnny building it with Dad (or Mum!) it would mean that after going through all the building of the basket there would not have enough parts to fit the wheels.

The finished model
The model comes with a lauch ramp and some cones??? and a Rabbid in race-gear. I suppose if I was familiar with the game these characters come from I would know what this is all about.  The cones are amusing even if they are a bit squashed - they don't look like the ones in the back of Ralph's van. I have no Idea what we will use them for!

I had better show you the catapult  thingy Ralph built, otherwise I will never here the last of it!

Ralph's Catapult thingy...
Well that made a change from detailing the cars on the Merry Mixer. I decided to have a night off and have a bit of fun instead. I still have the wahing machine to build but that will have to wait for a bit. I need to get on with the Merry Mixer if we are to get it finished in time for Henley.


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