Thursday, 8 August 2013

Gears and Mixer...

Having just been messing about with the Roto Truck set, I mentioned that the 24t pinions mesh at ½ inch spacing with the 12t gear. So tonight I have put together a couple of 2:1 gear boxes, one using conventional brass gears and the other using the modern tri-axle 12t and 24t gears.

Both of these gearboxes give a 2:1 Ratio
The same gearboxes viewed from above
Using the modern parts in combination with the older 'Traditional' Meccano can make a lot of sense. Our miniature fairground models were a good example of this as was our transporter bridge model. The powered 'trolley' was built using eighteen plastic pinions which significantly reduced the weight. 

Plastic 19t tri-axle pinions transfer the drive to all the flanged wheels
Top view of the trolley showing the motor and gearbox

Mixer update...

Sue is still adding detail to the cars so there is not much to show at the moment bit just to prove something is happening here is a Paparazzi style shot of what sue has been up to tonight!

Still going at it Sue?... YES!

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