Saturday, 24 August 2013


Who's String!

Today we have been busy sorting out a new section for the shop; Ralph's String. We have been making up hanks of cord and and labelling them ready for sale. Original Meccano string, part number 40 - Hank of cord, is getting harder to find and the collectors want the real stuff.  Personally, I am happy to use all sorts of cord depending on the model to hand. We have a small stock of original green cord, that we found in a dealer chest we bought a few years ago along with a lot of shiny red hooks! I will list the hanks of cord in the shop over the next few days.

Several hanks of original Meccano cord

Our string worked very well on my little Block-setter
Our new string has been used of a few models this year like my small No.3 set Block-setting Crane and The Galloper. in both cases it performed faultlessly. Although it is not identical to the original, it is reasonably close and looks a lot better than many of the other substitutes I have seen over the years. We will be selling it in two cut lengths of approximately eight and twelve feet as hanks and also as cut lengths by the metre. We have some other cord that is looking promising, but we will only sell it on if we think it is good enough, so you won't be seeing that for a while.

The new string was used to drive the Galloper

Enough messing with string, I need to get on with the Merry Mixer. Now, where was I?


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