Monday, 12 August 2013

Evolution sets are coming...

Looking good - won't have to wait much longer!

Adverts for advance orders of the much awaited (at least by us!) Evolution sets are now starting to appear on the internet for advance order. The instructions for the crane and tow truck are available for download from the official Meccano website. The crane instruction manual runs to 60 pages and only covers the building of the one model although there is a picture of a recovery truck on one of the last pages that can also be built from the set. 

Alternative model
The most interesting thing for me is to be found in the parts list of the tow truck. A new angle girder the looks to be standard dimensions, 4½ inches long with ¼ inch spaced holes (17 holes long). all sets are full of new parts - too many to list here at the moment. studying the parts lists in the front of the manuals will reveal more. You can download the manuals from HERE


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