Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Here we go again!

On the road again - heading East...
There I was, minding my own business, when an e-mail arrived offering us a dealer's display model model of a traction engine. At first I thought we were being offered the usual standard size version on a par with our windmill. Then it dawned on me, this is the much bigger version, intended for display in the larger retailers. Built in the Meccano model room, these are not as common as its little brother. After a short negotiation, a deal was struck and we were on another road trip, this time to sunny Ipswitch! An early start got us through the Dartford Tunnel and into Ipswich by 8am. after finding it a nightmare to park anywhere nearby we ended up having carry a rather large model through the streets of Ipswich to some puzzled onlookers!

My! That's a lot bigger than it looked in the photograph!

Click on the picture to enlarge
It is going to need a bit of attention before we can take it to a show. but it is all there, just a bit grubby and neglected. It will need a good clean and a spot or rewiring. I suspect Sue will be raiding the dealer's stands at The Henley Gathering for some more light bulbs. The Motor and gearbox will have to be removed and serviced. It is making some strange noises when it is powered up at the moment. It did come with a type-written description (click on the picture to enlarge) which gives some background. So popular was the model, after many requests, building instructions were published in Meccano Magazine in the November and December 1969 issues. One of these models also featured on the cover of an earlier edition of the magazine. We are looking forward to getting this one back to display condition.


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