Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Three days in Ironbridge... Meccanuity 2013

John Molden's Eurostar big wheel
Back in May, Sue and I attended Meccanuity 13 in Ironbridge, Shropshire. The event is run by the Telford and Ironbridge Meccano Society  (TIMS) and held in Enginuity, one of the Ironbridge museums.The three day event takes place over the first Bank Holiday weekend in May.

Now that bit goes there and...
Each year, the club sets a theme and this year the chosen subject was railway breakdown cranes. Sue and I did not get around to building model this year as time has been at a premium, especially at the beginning of the year. Our display consisted of a selection of a selection of Meccano-built steam toys, Sue's mini motorbike and our newly acquired modern display model motorbike.  Tony Wakefield's model of the iconic Mini is packed with detail and built using immaculate red and green Meccano.

Beautifully detailed Mini
Staying with the unusual, and slightly off topic (It's not Meccano!), this splendid model of an American car is based on a late 1970's Lincoin Mark V. A truly iconic car from the opposite end of the spectrum from the Mini. Large, angular and vulgar, it has a charm that typifies the mood of the late '70s and reminds me of all those imported TV cop dramas we all sat glued to in the days when we only had three or four channels to choose from!

Fancy trying to park that in the supermarket car park!
The show was well attended and as usual the evenings were spent sampling the local restaurants and discussing the world in general. Rather than fill the blog with lots of pictures from the event click HERE to go to the gallery of the event on the NZ Meccano website.


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