Thursday, 21 February 2013

Another road trip...

It all started with one of those conversations:

    Me,"Wanna go to Pontefract Sue?" 
    Sue, "Isn't that a cake?"
    Me, "No, It's a place"
    Sue, "I think it is a cake - or a biscuit, isn't it?"
    Me, "No its a place! Don't change the subject, do you want to come or not?"
    Sue, "What for?"
    Me, "I just bought a motorbike."
    Sue, "WHAT?!"

And so it went on for a bit until I managed to explain it was made of Meccano and it needed collecting from Pontefract, West Yorkshire, not a big problem if you happen to live in Wakefield, 8 miles down the road, but we live in London 192 miles down the road! This small fact was not lost on Sue. The next morning, the good old recycled Swedish fridge was heading north with a couple of Meccano nuts off to collect the motorbike! We were off on another one of our rescue missions...

...By the way, Pontefract Cakes are not cakes or biscuits, they are sweets, sort of boiled sweets that are made from liquorish (Yuck!). I think they're akin to Marmite, you either love 'em or hate 'em!

The motorbike in question is a modern dealer display model, first seen at the 2010 London Toy Fair. These models I believe, were built by outside organisations. The model does not promote any particular set and was intended to just fly the flag in general. I have no idea how many of these models were made and I have not seen one on display anywhere other than at the London Toy Fair. 

Modern display model - just got it home
The display is going to need a bit of cleaning and some rebuilding to rectify some misalignment, probably caused by some minor crushing at some time in its life, but there is nothing too serious wrong with it that an hour or so on the bench will not rectify. I will have to bring it up to UK electrical safety specifications, as it stands, it would not pass a PAT (Portable Appliance Test). It just goes to show how the rules and regulations for electrical safety seem to be largely ignored. The addition of a simple earth wire and new flex will enable the display to be tested as a Class I appliance and hopefully pass!I will post some decent pictures when I have sorted it our and given it a good clean.


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