Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Great day out at Lyne...

...A new venue for the RMG's meetings!

Plenty of parking at the new venue
The new venue for the Runnymede Meccano Guild's (RMG) meetings is a great success - and the food is good as always! The new venue is only a short drive from the previous meeting place and the improvement is staggering. More space, easy access and plenty of parking. Getting there by public transport my be a bit more tricky but it didn't seem to put many people off. With an attendance of around 80 the day was roaring success. Even with far more table space than previously available it was all occupied. 
Easy access - Great!

Details of all RMG's forthcoming meetings and events can be found by visiting their new website. You will also be able to join the Guild and now you can pay by using the PayPal checkout - You don't have to have a PayPal account either! Membership of the Guild includes subscription to the sixty page, full colour, magazine, which is published three times a year. Details can be found HERE. At the time of writing, UK subscription is only £20 - even if you can't attend the meetings it is worth the money for the magazine alone! 

Now, where does that bit go?

Indeed, the guild has lots of international members who subscribe for the magazine alone. More details and pictures of the new venue can also be found on the all new RMG website at: http://runnymedemeccanoguild.org.uk/

Inside, the place was full with an extreamly vibrant atmosphere as models started to stream in accompanied by their builders milling about looking for their allocated spaces while taking in the splender of their new surroundings. No handbags-at-dawn arrangements were made and the meeting settled down to the usual hum of motors and murmurings and that irritating, poor quality, nasally sound that emanates from electronic media being played on a continuous loop. (Sorry, I can't help being a grumpy old so-and-so!) Time for a wander and leave Tim to his videos!
The usual culprits were in attendance and the dynamic-duo were at it again chewing the cud for England, while the Dealer of Dunmow looked on!   


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