Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A couple of Steam Models

A lot of Meccano stuff has been going on over the past few months. I will be posting some stuff about that over the next few days but for now here are a couple of steam model videos of Steam powered workshop tools. I know the though of powering a single tool like this is unlikely in the real world but the models are demonstrating the first and last of the Meccano built-in engines. I know there were Meccano steam engines before the 1929 engine but they did not have the facility to be built in as these do.

The first short video shows one of our 1929 engines running a genuine Meccano saw blade, mounted on one of the pre-war flanged plates with the slot in it. As a kid, I remember wondering why some of the plates in my rather motley collection had slots in them. I have tried to use pre-war parts as far as possible in building this model. Even the gears in the model feature the early ratio of 2.8:1 being the now obsolete 56t gear and 20t pinion.

The second video show the last steam engine made to be built into Meccano models. This was the Mamod SP3. Mamod reintroduced their own branded version of the engine they were originally making for Meccano. the Mamod engines carry both Meccano and Mamod decals on either side of the fire box. Mamod engines were also fitted with a sight glass and a whistle. The were also painted grey instead of yellow. Here is one running a pillar drill. most of the components are modern Meccano in contrast to the model above.

The next thing I need to do is play with some video editing software. I have also discovered that one of Sue's fancy cameras will shoot HD video...

...I must take a closer look at this video lark. I have always been a still picture man myself but I suppose I had better catch up with the rest of the world and start posting some better looking videos!


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