Friday, 10 January 2014

The James May Motorbike - Videos!

Crowds gather at Henley when the guys dropped in on their way home...
The James May Motorbike and sidecar that we saw at Henley in August last year, was on its way back from the Isle of Man where it was filmed making a lap of the Isle of Man TT motorcycle circuit for one of the BBC Toy Stories programmes. While we were at Henley, Tim also made a short video of the motorcycle. More photographs of the bike can be seen HERE.



  1. Watched the youtube video. Very good. Couldn't see much detail with regard to the small 3v Meccano motors linked up in clusters. Did you see the bike live Ralph? Was it really able to run under the power of many tiny motors before they switched to the large motor?

  2. Yes I did see the bike at Henley on 30th August 2013, on its way back from the IOM circuit, but it wasn't run on that day. It is capable of running on those motors on the flat - there are 96 of them!