Friday, 24 January 2014

New for the Autumn - A Forest engine...

Lots more of the new Evolution parts here
The last of the new Evolution sets to be announced at the Toy Fair this year is the Forest engine. A modern piece of equipment used to handle logs. The model looks good in red and black and feels fairly robust in its finished form. The most noticeable features of this model are the new wheels and tyres. Packed with all sorts of working features this model model will provide hours of fun once it has been built.

New deep-flange wheels look good
For the Meccano nut this model will provide further stocks of the new parts. More of the mini-strips with the geared ends an a couple of angle girders, in black this time. I am looking forward to this, and the Rubber Duck, both are scheduled for release in the autumn. In the meantime the smaller Evolution sets we knew about before the Toy Fair (The Chopper Bike and the Mini Digger) should be available soon...


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