Friday, 3 January 2014

That'll teach me!

Nano Plane...
For years now I have been smiling at the drivers who deliver parcels of Meccano to us. More often than not the parcels rattle and sound for all the world as if something is broken. The usual scenario is the delivery driver will gingerly hand over the parcel and then beet a hasty retreat. I have been smiling about this for ages and Sue says I should tell the poor bloke.

Yesterday we went out to a family meal with the members of the in-law clan we could not get together with before Christmas. After the gathering, we all swapped presents and went off on our own merry way. When Sue and I got home I opens the back door of the car and a two-part present fell out and landed on the road with a thump. The gift was from our nephew and his wife and they usually buy us something for the kitchen. Now it sounded like it could have been glasses - it sounded like fine broken glass. Feeling really bad about this, I gently carried the two-part parcel into the kitchen and opened the larger part that had a smaller box affixed. The larger part was indeed a kitchen gift that was unbroken. It was the smaller box that sounded as if something was amiss.

At this point I am starting to feel a little better as this is now sounding like a box of fixings or fitting for the other part of the gift. On tearing the corner open I suddenly realised that all my practical joking with the delivery men had come home to roost...

Nano kit!

My Godson had bought us a Meccano kit and the rattling, of the parts, sounded like broken glass. I was delighted to discover that someone had bought us Meccano for Christmas and Sue was delighted that I had been caught out! The model was built and can be seen at the top of the post!


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