Sunday, 26 January 2014

Building the Yellow Submarine

The finished submarine complete with stickers and Rabbid!

Yesterday His Nibs made a post talking about how useful this little set is (See HERE). I said nothing. My first hands on dealings with these sets was back in August, last year, when I found a few sets going cheap on Amazon. A few clicks later and I had my first Rabbids. You can see the story HERE and it continues HERE. I was surprised at how much traditional Meccano is included in these sets. Prior to that I had my suspicions these could be useful but did not get a chance to go any further. Last year (2013) at the London Toy Fair I noticed a new Rabbid Submarine but did not get to look at it because His Nibs had dismissed it as kid's stuff he was not in the slightest bit interested. I must admit, the Evolutions sets were taking my attention as well and I did not go back to look at the Rabbids at the time.

From the other side before the sticker patrol visited
Recently all the 'boys', including Ralph, have been going mad buying up the Evolution helicopter sets that were listed at a ridiculously low price by Pixmania. While looking at the offers Ralph noticed the Rabbid Yellow Submarine going cheap and ordered a couple that duly arrived  a few days later. I decided to build one of these sets. The box was in its French livery Set No 7253 The Lapins Cretins, Le sous-marin. On opening the box and looking at the contents, I noticed several new parts two nicely curved yellow parts (C951) used as parts of the subs main body, these I could immediately see other uses for as a long loco cab roof or the roof of a showman's engine or even a pay kiosk roof on fairground model. Shame it isn't red. It comes with two yellow plastic 'missile' launches (C945) and plastic ammo (C943). I suppose these are meant to be torpedos, thinking about it??  I had not noticed until Ralph mentioned it, some new small curved yellow metal strips (C667). The set contains a powerful pull back motor and various other building parts, in metal and plastic, that look to have potential.

Simple construction makes this set fun to build
The Rabbid socket!
For a change, the instruction manual for this set is refreshingly easy to follow with no glaringly obvious mistakes! There were no problems encountered in the build and all the parts were there. I still think the paint is a little too thick but I have seen worse. This is a good set, plenty of play value and a good kit for builders parts.

For the youngsters collecting Rabbids, there is another addition dressed in yellow bib & brace trousers with blue head gear printed with an anchor. All in all a very nice kit. To stop him rattling around and falling out, Meccano have included the must-have part for 2014 - the Rabbid socket. Now don't all rush at once!

Pull back motor - who wants a race?
Just as I was getting a soft spot for these daft sets it looks as if they will disappear. There were none to be seen at the Toy Fair I assume that will be the end of them. Oh well, we will see what happens over the coming months. Now all I have to do is get Ralph to build the other one and we can stage submarine races!


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