Saturday, 18 January 2014

Lots of good parts here...

  All together now:    

      "In the town where I was born,
        Lived a man who sailed to sea,
        And he told us of his life,

        In the land of submarines... 

Might look mad but lots of good parts here...
        ...We all live in a Rabbid submarine,
        a Rabbid submarine,
        a Rabbid submarine...."

Sorry, ignore me. I couldn't help myself... Hiding behind the silly exterior the Rabbids (or The Lapins Cretins if like us you have the French Packing) range of models actually contain a good quantity of what some might describe as real Meccano.
Look - Meccano!
This set is no exception, it has a couple of curved sections that are formed in heavy gauge metal (not flexible). There is also a new dome that has plenty of fixing holes that I think will find plenty of uses elsewhere. Apart from new parts there are several useful bits of more familiar Meccano including a hinge. In this particular set the yellow is not that far away from the Binns Road medium yellow of the 1960s and 70s. The set also includes the pull-back motor.

Sue has built one of these - complete with a Rabid socket! (you will have to either buy one or wait for Sue's review to find out what that is!) Sue will post her review of the set soon. As there was no sign of the Rabbids at the Toy Fair, I suspect they may be short lived.  If you are interested in the Rabbids grab them while you can. I know there are some of you who have not even looked at these sets but this one is worth considering especially as there are some good deals around at the moment if you search the usual web sellers.

The new dome has plenty of fixing holes
I haven't mentioned the missile launchers but if you do decide to build one you can have hours of fun with it while whistling that classic song...


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