Saturday, 25 January 2014

North East London Meccano Club hit the big time!

There I was sitting at a South East London Meccano Club meeting and my co-committee member, Greg Clarke, of North East London Meccano Club wanders up to me and asks "Do you know anyone who can take a photograph of my model for me?" "...I might do" Greg goes on to explain that he is writing an article about his Kangaroo Crane. I offered my services and Greg hesitated for a bit and then pointed out that the photographs had to be good... A short exchange took place and Greg, rather reluctantly agreed to give me a try...

Greg brought the model over to us and we took a few shots. Not only will the article and pictures appear in CQ 104 but we made the front cover! The cover date is June 2014 and it will be on sale in April Copies available from Constructor Quarterly HQ That makes it a double whammy for NELMC - Model building and Photography make the front cover of CQ!

If you want to know more about NELMC you can visit our website HERE!


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