Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Nano kits are back...

 ...or maybe they never went away!

Nano Racing car
Back in 2010, Meccano released very neat little series of small kits called Nano Kits. At the time we were impressed with the little models and were looking for a way to use/display them. In the end we built a small Kiddie's roundabout and called it a Nano roundabout. It was this model that started our series of miniature fairground models. More details on the Nano Roundabout can be found HERE.
Nano Roundabout
Not long after we built the model, the Nano kits seemed to disappear from the shelves. They were listed on the Meccano website under the Multimodels section. This seemed a bit odd at the time as they were only single model sets. After a while they dispersed from here too. At this point I assumed Meccano had dropped the range and thought what a shame it was, as they made good little models, easy to put together and reasonably priced. I thought no more of it...

This Christmas I was given one of these little kits as a token gift from my godson. Initially I assumed it was just old stock until I noticed the seal was embossed "JUN 2013". Further investigation found the models listed on the Meccano site under the section Build and Play. If you look under the instructions section, they are listed under the Multimodels sets. I think Meccano couldn't work out where to list them. This is good news and now you can all go out and buy them or download the instructions and build them yourselves - but be warned there are several new parts in these kits that, although they have appeared since, are not by any measure common parts.

There was a seventh Nano kit, a robot put out by M&S as a special for Christmas 2010. I don't think is appeared anywhere else. More information on the Nano Robot can be found HERE


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