Wednesday, 22 January 2014

James May's Motorbike makes an appearance at the London Toy Fair!

I have seen that before...
As I mentioned in the previous post, The James May Motorbike and sidecar was the focal point of the Spin Master stand at this year's London Toy Fair. I first saw it when it made an appearance at the Henley Gathering, on the 31st August last year, as it was returning from the Isle of Man where it had just made a circuit of the TT course, a day or so before. On the day it appeared at Henley it attracted a good crowd but standing in strong sunlight it was not easy to take good clear pictures.

Yesterday I was able to get up close without lots of people around and although only armed with a compact camera I managed to get a few more detail shots of the motor clusters.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them...

Road tax dated 28th August 2013. Just three days before we saw it at Henley!
The motor clusters, and...
...from the other side
A closer look at the motors
The chain sprockets and Meccano-made drive chain
More pictures of the bike can be seen HERE and video HERE.


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