Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Pre-SkegEx display.

Philip Webb's photograph showing superb curved modelling on the Eagle
Some of Philip Webb's Meccano models, based on subjects from film and Television, including a huge model of the Eagle Transporter from the Gerry Anderson series Space 1999, will be on public display at the The Hildreds Shopping Centre, Skegness from the 27th June 2014 to promote SkegEx 14 Meccano exhibition at the Embassy Theatre, Skegness, which will run from Friday, 4th July  to Sunday, 6th July inclusive - but I think you are probably aware of that by now!

The North Midlands Meccano Guild along with Meccano UK have really pulled out all the stops this year to make this event a success. This is exactly the sort of display that will catch the eye of the public and should get the word around immediately prior to the event.

More information regarding SkegEx 14 can be found HERE.


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