Monday, 16 June 2014

Now this is interesting...

There is an old boy from Belfast*
who turns out parts that do last

Some are slow, red, green or blue
others are zinc and sell fast.

* Belfast might not be particularly accurate, but he lives closer to that city than I do - and it works better in my lame attempt at a limerick !

Ian's photograph of his HIAB equipped recovery with 'fusion' girder
There are several makers around the globe, turning our replica and Meccano-compatible parts. One such maker is Ian Wilson who as well as being one of the most enthusiastic Meccano builders in the whole known universe, is also one of the best strip, plate, girder and circular plate makers. I have said it before, but his 24½ inch girders are the best I have ever seen. I have a pile of mill-finish (no paint) long girders here that sit one on another and there is not a gap to be seen between them. They are all as straight as an arrow.

Okay, you get it, I am impressed. Ian is also thinking that one stage further. Both Sue and I have been promoting the idea of using old and new parts together in the same model for years, now we have a similar 'mission' to encourage the use of Evolution parts in every-day models. Can you spot the evolution parts in our recent Rocket model? - See HERE.

Ian has taken this one step further by making  some new compatible parts that are a fusion of the Evolution ¼ system and the traditional ½ system. The yellow angle girder, that runs along the edge of the bed of the lorry, has a nice low profile as it is showing it ¼ inch face. The part that is supporting the plates is made in the style the standard slotted holes of a standard girder. Clever stuff!

Although I am not sure he is selling his new fusion girder (yet!?) Ian sells most of his other production via eBay. You can check out his selection of parts at his shop HERE - it is well worth a look! - If you buy anything, mention us and he might buy us a drink next time we see him!


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