Sunday, 8 June 2014

More Rocket...

One of the good things about the internet is the ability to show and discuss models with other enthusiasts near and far. In this case, a simple improvement was suggested that makes all the difference to the look of the finished model. The original post is HERE.

That's better!
I was pleased with the way the model finished up, except for one detail. I did not like the tyre finishing off the smoke stack. After posting the pictures here and talking about it on the Spanner II list, my mate from down in the depths of Kent, Mike Dennis, suggested the prefect solution.
Works a treat!

He suggested I use one of the new black bevel gears from the new Evolution sets. Brilliant! why didn't I think of that?... Something I only realised recently is that it is possible to thread the socket/hole of any Meccano tri-axle part without preventing it from being used as intended.  This made fixing much easier. A tyre with a spacer washer inside can be bolted to the socket of a plastic bevel and plugged into the top of the smoke stack. I think this is a huge improvement, Thanks Mike!



  1. Thats a damn sight better :-)

    1. I thought so too! I did get one person saying he preferred the tyre! - Oh well, you can't please all the people all the time.


  2. Thread the hole of tri-axle parts!
    That is so brilliant I could kiss you!!
    May well solve a problem I've been looking at for weeks.