Wednesday, 11 December 2013

New Meccano for 2014

There are lots of exciting new sets to come from Meccano this year. Any fears of the new production being effected by the sale of Meccano to the Canadian toy giant Spin Master have been well and truly dispelled. The impending round of Toy fairs, here in London, then in Nuremberg and New York will see new Multimodel and Evolution sets scheduled for release in spring and autumn 2014. The only model I can show you at the moment is from the new 10 model set that should be available, spring 2014.

New 10 model set Dumper truck
It is good to see Meccano going back to the old style of models. Contemporary subjects modelled in an almost skeletal manner, very similar to the old pre-war manual models. Then it was because there were no flexible plates available. Today they are just omitted from these sets. I am looking forward to seeing more. What I really like are the new tyres - I might actually be able to use some of those! In all these sets Meccano are following the now established colour format of one primary colour and zinc.

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