Monday, 16 December 2013

10 Set Model? - No, Number 10 Set Model!

Looks familiar...
A few days ago I posted a picture of a new model that can be built from the new 10 model set due for release in the spring 2014. The model closely resembles the JCB 712. It was not long until Tony James contacted me to remind me that he had built a version of that machine in his series of models build from the iconic Meccano No.10 set...

Fully articulated
Tony's model is the subject of a Model Plan (Number 117) and can be obtained from MW Mail Order. Tony mentioned that since its MP publication in 1999, it has sold getting on for 200 copies. This year there were two models built from his Model Plan at the premier Meccano exhibition held in Skegness, SkegEx 13.

'Hydraulic' rams tip the body
When Tony took the original model to SkegEx in 1999, he said it was like trying to carry an angry cat, the jacknife steering and horizontal roller bearing made lifting it from the car "quite tricky". The photographs were taken, at the time, using a film camera and are reproduced here as scans from prints - It is amazing how far photography has come on in the past fifteen years. As Tony suggested to me, if I want some better pictures then go and buy the model plan and then you can build your own model to photograph!

The new 10 set model
Now, I wonder if Tony's model had any influence on Meccano's choice of subject for one of the models in their new set? You have to admit it looks very similar. Whatever the reasoning behind it, It is really good to see Meccano including some more realistic models in their recent sets. Much better than the fantasy subjects of the earlier Multimodel sets. I am looking forward to seeing what Meccano have planned for the rest of next year - I have a feeling we will be in for something good if last year is anything to go by. Still, not long until the toy fairs, and if things go to form, there should be some announcements from Meccano before the shows, just like they did last year when the Evolution crane kits was being talked about...


No.10 set Model photographs by Tony James


  1. The new meccano is a lot better than the purple elephant from the 40 model set. The parts on the new dump truck are available now, so I look forward to a more detailed picture, or the manual, so I can build it.

  2. That is the only picture I have of the Dumper Truck, at the moment. As soon as I can get hold of some others I will post them...