Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The New!

Just released, in that last few hours, VirtualMEC 2.1.1. Hot on the heals of the eagerly  awaited upgrade, VirtualMEC have today released a few more parts and modified a couple of components released in the upgrade. 

One of the new parts is the Small flexible gusset plate Sue used extensively when building the seats for the merry mixer.

The real thing!
VirtualMEC version
The photograph of the 'real' thing was taken before the safety bar was added. Sue has made twelve of these, at least I will be able to copy and past my Virtual ones!

More information on the upgrade can be found on the VirtualMEC website HERE . Rust Bucket, the Meccano forum of the NZ Meccano website, also has a section dedicated to VirtualMEC. To get involved with Rust Bucket click on the panel in the left hand column - You won't regret it!


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