Thursday, 17 October 2013

Fixed it!

It has been a few days since my last post. We have been busy with last week's SELMEC show, held down here in South East London, and what a show it was too. It was packed all day, although the numbers have not been published yet, I am sure it must have been the most successful show ever!

In the meantime, my appeal for a pre-war switch plate for the old sideplate motor we acquired a few weeks ago was answered by a fellow member of the Rust Bucket Meccano forum. An exchange was made and today I received a package in the post containing the part I wanted fitted to an old, incomplete 6 Volt motor.  The plate was damaged, I knew this was the case before we agreed terms! I set about repairing it.

The top of the lever had been bent...
...and the metal had fractured
A spot of percussive maintenance soon straightened out the kinks. The fracture can be seen on the right hand side of the lower hole. This was easily repaired with a spot of soft-soldering. It would have been better to braise it but I didn't want to remove the insulated pad and contact strips if I could help it. I am confident it will hold, but if it doesn't I will just strip it down and braise it at a later date.

A few light taps with a soft-face hammer straightened it out and...
...a spot of soft solder filled the gap and should hold it together
 I have fitted it to my original motor ready for testing. Assuming all is well, I will give it a coat of paint and build the motor into a model. Thanks Mike, it is looking good thanks to you!

Fitted to the motor you can see the solder line to the right of the hole

I think it needs building into a crane, but should I follow a plan of just build one of my own design?...


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