Saturday, 15 February 2014

Thank you VirtualMec!

VirtualMec 2.1.2 released!

A few weeks ago a new version of VirtualMec was released. On the face of it, just a minor upgrade of two new parts being added. Further investigation revealed that some other “minor” improvements had been made to existing parts.

Regular readers will remember the die we had so much fun with a while ago. The real thing was a challenge to assemble but the virtual model was a disaster. No matter how hard I tried it just would not fit together using the VirtualMEC parts see HERE.

Well… It will now! The VirtualMEC guys have sorted it out and now it fits!
Also with the free upgrade there are two now parts and lots of other minor but useful modifications including parts grouping to make the parts list easier to negotiate.

If you have not tried VirtualMEC before there is a free trial version available on the VirtualMEC website, HERE.

Thank you VirtualMEC team – Keep up the good work!


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