Friday, 21 February 2014

I have a plan...or nine!

Anyone who attended SkegEx last year might be forgiven if you missed seeing Paul Anderson's model of an A-005 Fuel Tanker. The models was sitting on a table with a few of models built by fellow model maker and replica Meccano makers Ian 'Green-Hands' Wilson.

Paul's model of the A-005 Fuel Tanker
The tanker stood out as an original and well proportioned model. At the time I had no idea who had built it but remember thinking that it look rather good. With the show being so busy, both during the day and the hectic social life in the evenings, I did not get around to asking Ian who's model it was. 

It turned out to be the work of Paul Anderson. Paul is a professional model maker, building mainly models of trucks and agricultural equipment from wood. You can see what Paul makes and sells on his website HERE.

Recently Paul has turned his hand to producing Meccano model plans. Not the ordinary run-of-the-mill plans but really interesting and unusual subjects. Paul concentrates on the look of the model, and although some mechanisms are included they are secondary to the overall; design. This approach I like a lot, from a builder's point of view, the basic layout is all worked out and there is room to add your own mark to the model. The Tanker that caught so many eyes at SkegEx last year will be my first dive into these plans - I already have a few ideas on how I will add some of my own ideas. There are another eight plans available as I write this with more in the pipeline.


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