Monday, 3 February 2014

An unused No.9 set...

The auction at the RMG meeting, was by and large exactly what you would expect, except for one item, an unused, early light red/light green No.9 set. It had never been used or even unstrung. As I have already said in one of my previous posts, I did not have a camera with me. Luckily Mick Burgess did and he sent me this picture and his permission to publish it here...

Unused No.9  in RMG auction. (Photo: Mick Burgess)
The set realised £400 - a bargain for a collector and I bet there are not many of these around in such good, complete and original condition. It had a good box and a set of original manuals. Although it is nice to see, part of me wants to build something with it! That, of course would be daft and selfish as the combined cost of the parts - even in good condition, would not make the value of this set, which I think would be much higher on the open market. Besides it would deprive a genuine collector of something very special.


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