Saturday, 22 February 2014

Pre-release Forest Engine model

George Roy has been at it again. This time pre-empting the release of the Evolution Forest Engine. George has built his model from photographs of the preproduction model we showed in our London Toy Fair 2014 report and subsequent posts here on the blog over the past month or so.  Here are George's pictures of his model under construction. No waffle from me this time - just George's pictures that say it all...

The main body assembled
Underside of the chassis
The crane...
...and from anther angle.
Blade detail
Front end
Finished - grab closed
Finished - Grab open
George has shown us just what you can do with a desire to build and a few pictures. The Evolution instructions are from the other end of the explanation scale with almost bolt-by-bolt progression through the build. I think that somewhere between these two extremes there is a sensible compomise that Meccano should seek...



  1. I do like that Forest Engine model. My first thought was specialised mudguards made of plastic look non-meccano. After thinking about the many models that these mudguards could be used on, perhaps if they became a standard part I would consider using them. In the meantime, a part 215 formed strip as supplied in the new multimodel dump truck outfit, would be better.
    I look forward to this outfit being released for sale and this beautiful model whets my appetite.

  2. Me too. The new deep flanged wheels (as seen on the model we saw at the London the fair, back in January) are going to be useful too.