Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Did you miss us?

Like most of us, Sue and I have other interests and commitments outside the our passion for Meccano. Sometimes this takes us away from the mainstream and we can appear to have dispersed. Well, we have not! This year, yes we have been active in some of our other interests, but we have also been working hard, behind the scenes, on various Meccano projects like this one...

The Meccano Community website was launched back in the Spring of 2014. Although we were involved with it from day one, we were not in the driving seat and were following the initial concept. The site was plagued with problems and it was getting to the stage that nothing was getting done. Eventually, by this time last year, we had given up and resigned from the project. The site lay all but dormant until the late summer of this year when after some negotiation with Meccano we agreed to be involved in a relaunch. The main difference being that we are now running it and it is hosted in-house by Meccano's IT team giving us a direct link with the people responsible for the platform. In a nutshell, we should be able to get things done. We have already given the place a lick of paint to bring in visually in line with existing the Meccano presence and are slowly working on getting it running as it should.

Summer 2016 - Please note, the community site is no longer active.

Enough of that, I have just received the latest Meccano set, the long awaited Race Car. Several pictures of the prototype were seen at the beginning of the year but due to production problems the launch had to be delayed and has now reached the UK distribution centre. It should start appearing in the shops and on the internet for sale any day now - if it is not out there already!
Here at last, the eagerly awaited Race Car
 That's enough waffling, I've got a Race Car to build - I will show you how I get on and let you know what I think tomorrow - hopefully...


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