Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Tower Cranes

No, it's not rude!
If you like Meccano, then the chances are you like cranes. Now, I appreciate that not everybody likes cranes but for those who do this document will be fascinating, for those not so keen you might find some of it amusing. Especially the section on hand signals.

For the Meccano modeller this document is full of all sorts of useful stuff even down to how different loads should be secured. there are sections on the various types of crane, recommended configurations, how they are anchored to the ground and lots more. It runs to a 100 pages and I haven't read them all (even I am not that sad!) but I am sure it will keep you busy for a while. 

This document has the snappy title of Code of Practice for Safe Use of Tower Cranes It is issued free of charge and can be obtained from the offices of the Occupational Safety and Health Branch of the Labour Department. Where's that? ...Hong Kong!

You can download the document (2.6Mb) from HERE.


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