Wednesday, 13 November 2013

It's Show Time!

Or at least it will be on the 7th December! 

For my sins, I am the Secretary of the North East London Meccano Club  (NELMC). Now I know this is a very strange post to be filled by a born and bred South Londoner, but somebody had to do it. To be fair it is not so bad, it is not as if I have to travel over the river on a bridge. Going through The Pipe (The Blackwall Tunnel) means the traumatic experience of crossing the river is not so daunting...

That aside, the purpose of this post is to tell you about our exhibition, on the 7th of December, and to invite you to join in with one of our competitions we will be running.

On the day the jar full of brackets, pictured below, will be thrust into innocent victims, sorry, I mean Visitors' faces while being encouraged to guess the number of brackets and the total weight including the jar. The nearest correct answer of each question, by the end of the day, will win a Meccano prize. This fund-raiser will be offered at the very reasonable price of 50p a guess. All profits will be spent down the pub after the meeting... What? do you mean I wasn't supposed to say that? ...humm... er... OK, I'll tell 'em that...  Sorry, what I meant to say was, all profits will go towards offsetting the hire of the hall and the other costs associated with the day... Was that alright?...

I will post the answers here after the show. To win a prize you must enter the competition on the day, at the exhibition. Here it is just for fun and global recognition. 

You can have a go free...

You can join in here, just for fun, have a guess at the number of brackets and how much the jar weights and let me know. Either just click on the picture to send me an e-mail, or leave a comment on the bottom of this post.
How many? How much dose it weigh?
Click on the photograph and send me a guess!

For more information about the exhibition or membership go to the NELMC website where you will find everything you need to know about The Exhibition: And, if you are impressed with all that you can even pay for membership on line!

Member or not, you will all be welcome to attend the Exhibition. If you mention you saw this here, on the day, I will buy you a cuppa! ... What's wrong now?...No its not bribery, it called incentivising... can I go home now?



  1. Is there anything in the jar other than brackets and air? :-)

  2. Not that I know of - There might be a bit of rust or the odd arachnoid that didn't escape quick enough...