Saturday, 14 September 2013

To virtually go...

At the beginning of last week, I built a little micro model of USS Enterprise, the famous fictional space ship that featured in, and became the iconic symbol - at least for me - of Star Trek. Today I decided to make a VirtualMec drawing of it.

A virtual USS Enterprise
For those of you with a copy of VirtualMec, the .mdl file can be downloaded from HERE. If you have not got the software you can download the free version from the VirtualMec website at This will allow you to download the drawing and manipulate it but you will not be able to save it unless you buy one of the software packages. The basic one is good enough to get started and indeed is what I am using at the moment. I will move up a level soon!

If you do try it out be very careful - it can be very addictive!


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