Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Silly question...

...Yes please!

When asked, a week ago or so, if we wanted some Meccano for free, there could only be one answer. The only problem being the Meccano in question was in Brighton. As we are always looking for a good excuse to give the car a run and visit some sort of eatery, we accepted the kind offer and headed South. A 05:30am start ensured we were in Brighton for 07:00am. After a quick trip along the coast, heading East, we descended upon a branch of that well know catering establishment, residing under a pair of 'Golden Arches', and get ourselves outside some grub!

No it is not all junk - it's not, honest!

By the time we got back home it was about 10.30am and it was time to inspect our haul. There is nothing like a swift road trip! After covering the kitchen table with newspaper we tipped out the bag of rusty 'Meccano' as you can see, this is not pristine building stock, but with a bit of work this lot will render a good bit of useful building parts. It looks awful when it is first tipped out but there is a good pile here I am hopping we will be able to recover a good percentage of it.

We will sort out all the other stuff that is always mixed up with a lot like this and show you whtt we end up with. It always looks worse like this. The loose rust has given everything an orange tinge. A wash and scrub up will make a big difference.

To be continued...


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