Sunday, 15 September 2013

More Sky Riding!

Following discussions on the Spanner II list and my post HERE on the Meccano dealer display model of the Skyrider (also referred to as the Double Ferris wheel - which I think is incorrect as that describes the model featured in the Super Model leaflet 33a) Edmundo Veiga from Rio, Brazil, has drawn the model using VirtualMec. It is with his kind permission that I feature it here and supply a link to the VirtualMec file.

Indestructible Lamp!
Edmundo notes:

"VirtualMec does not offer images of the lamp holder, lamps, chains, belts or the commutator.
To include them in my drawing I improvised some cluster of parts which functions as a mock-up to indicate the location of their presence there.

I think he has made a good job of the drawing and improvisations. At least there is no danger of smashing the lamps!

The virtualMec .mdl file can be downloaded from HERE


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