Thursday, 8 January 2015

Maker Meccano is the last man standing...

Meccano win the Last Gadget Standing at CES 2015 click HERE for details!

Say Hello to a new champion!
It Looks like the all the hard work is paying off. Spin Master have taken Meccano into the 21st century with a bang. We can't wait to get get our hands on one of these when they hit the UK stores later this year. The possibilities are endless. Not only will this please a lot of us veteran enthusiasts but it will introduce Meccano to a whole new market and age range. Until now the only market has been pre-teen toy sales and the fifty-something (with a few exceptions!) enthusiasts. This product will bridge that gap, spanning several generations.

We will use it to enhance our model building, the new makers will use the classic Meccano to enhance their making... Brilliant! 

Ralph and Sue

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  1. Hi Ralph and Sue,
    That is absolutely stunning!
    One small step for Meccanoid...
    One giant leap for Meccanomen!!