Wednesday, 28 January 2015

F1 Racing car!

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The F1 as seen is London last week
There are some interesting models to come this year. I have already mentioned the Tower Crane and the new Eiffel Tower, to name just a couple, but there is a lot more. One of the models I will be looking forward to is the F1 racing car. The car include a new hi-tec cloth and securing pins. The idea here is to introduce some of the modern materials used here in the 21st century. It is a nod towards all the carbon fibre and other modern materials used by today's engineers.

Hi-tec cloth used to simulate body panel
3D printed parts make it possible to
build pre production prototypes
Seen it in it's prototype form last week, The new F1 has now been seen at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. The pictures I have seen from there show it with black tyres.  Either somebody painted them (most likely) or some production tyres were found. 3D printing has made it easier to show models much earlier on in their development. The wheels and tyres are 3D printed as are the rear chassis pan components. These parts will also be found in the new Rocket set, expected soon. The model is designed as a push-along with lots of working features including the engine (not very realistic but destined to suggest what is going on) and working steering via one of those new, lobed, knobs. Bevel.
Bevel gears
From the builder's point of view this set is a good source of parts, even if we do collect yet another set of wheels! At least they are a new design. I am sure, using one of the non-Meccano small geared motors that we all love, it would not be too difficult to motorise it and make a few modifications here and there - I am looking forward to seeing the production model...

All pictures here were taken at The London Toy Fair
This is not all that Meccano have up their sleeve, I am sure. There will be more on the Meccanoid, I am sure as that is so definitely flavour of the month (Year?), and as we approach Autumn and that all important Christmas relaunch,  I would expect to see a few surprises in store, I don't believe that we have seen all of it yet...


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