Monday, 25 August 2014

Look what I found...

...inside the new 15 model, Multimodels set


Dragster - a realistic model?
The three new Multimodels sets are a strange collection of models mainly in the style of the earlier sets they are based on. A few of them are very odd looking models indeed! For a long time Meccano have produced a lot of fantasy models that resemble very little. The recent 3 and 10 model sets bucked this trend with some very realistic and recognisable offerings. However, the 15 model set's box-art model from the latest release is, well, horrible. Sorry Meccano but it just is! There is a reasonably good looking helicopter but I suspect this does not use as many parts as the chosen box model. I have already looked at what you get in this set, in THIS POST.

Rear view of the dragster
Now it is time to have ago at building something. The set has a fair selection of parts including a good mix of old and new. It is worth noting that most if not all the new parts are metal. The overindulgence of plastic parts has been curtailed recently and although this set has its share of plastic parts, they are all moulded in a sober light grey colour.

Simplified details give the look with limited parts
My model uses a good number of parts but not all, click on any of the pictures to enlarge them and see more detail. The desire to use as close as possible to every part in the box, seems to be part of the model designer's remit for current sets. The model I have built uses only the parts required to make the model look something like what it is representing. Okay, this is not a scale model but more of a representation of the prototype. If the viewer recognises the model for what it is supposed to be, the job is done. The Engine is a big part of the 'look' so it is fashioned to suggest a 'V' configured engine with a couple of carburettors between the banks of cylinders. 

Parachute pack, rear differential and exhaust pipes or
a pulley, pinion and a couple of rods!
It only needs the suggestion of the real thing to make it work. Meccano models of old have always been so. The models from the old manuals used these techniques to make the models believable. Some were more successful than others, more often than not it was perfectly possible to identify the model designers target.

The dished triangular plate hints at the seat
I am not saying my model is perfect, it is not, but at least most people looking at it will know what it is supposed to be - I hope!

Next up I will have a go at making something new from the new 20 models set. Making models from a restricted number of parts is interesting and a nice diversion from the big projects. these models are being built on the kitchen table with just what is supplied in the box - a sort of solo Meccano challenge. It is good fun too!


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